The album cover

Album Front Cover


Horizon© was born as a musical-literary concept album, it is composed of 22 tracks divided into two CDs and has been totally self-produced in a journey lasting almost five years.

The first CD is called "Perceptions", the second, with an experimental soul, "Myth".

It goes from heavy-metal to power metal, from soundtracks to pop hard-rock and electronic music.

A photo from the making of the album.

The Human Being is the main point of the album: each song represents, in an allegorical way, the dynamics that characterize the interaction between people, both as individuals and as social animals.

These dynamics are sometimes translated into music, sometimes in a different form. They all have the aim of being accessible to anyone, trying to transport the listener into a romantic journey full of strong emotions.

Why "Horizon"? Because it is the perfect metaphor of human being, as it represents the two components that characterize us as a species. The sky represents abstraction, ideas and creativity; the land, on the other side, symbolizes the most primitive desires. The horizon is the line that bounds this two worlds and mankind identifies with it.

A photo from the making of the album.

Horizon, more than an album, is a story where human being is the main character represented in its various aspects. The concept is developed in a way that the theme evolves together with the musical genre, thus trying to transport the listener on a journey between perception and myth, between concreteness and abstraction.

To realize the project we had the opportunity to collaborate with great artists such as: the famous Italian voice actor Luca Ward (the voice of Massimo Decimo Meridio in Gladiator, Neo in Matrix, Samuel L. Jackson in Pulp Fiction etc.), children's choir “Piccole Colonne”, the pianist Enrico Gerola, the producers of electronic music Neexnova, the photographer-designer Stefano "Essequadro" Alloero, the videomaker Matteo Sabbadin and the model Sergeant_Ice.

The sound engineers who followed the project are: Marco Ober (Artifact Studio) for recording and mixing; Giovanni Versari (La Maestà Studio) for the mastering (curator of the master of artists such as Muse).